The Stouch Tavern

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About the Stouch


In History


       The Stouch Tavern was the second public house of note in the pre-revolutionary settlement of Womelsdorf, and the original structure may have been built during the 1730's. Its interior and exterior date to 1785 when Conrad Stouch purchased the property from the town's first innkeeper, Jacob Seltzer. For nearly a century this tavern served as the hub for the Stouch-Calder Stagecoach lines operating between Harrisburg and Reading.

       Of special interest is the arched entrance and bricked courtyard at the southeast corner of the building, which may well be the only surviving example of this European-Colonial architecture in the United States.

       Many distinguished guests were lodged here including a documented stay by the First President of the United States, General George Washington, on the 13th day of November, 1793.

       A fire in 1973 nearly destroyed the old building, but a very careful restoration including moldings and flooring from very old structures and original exposed beams result in what you see today.

Front View of the European-Style Arch


The Stouch Tavern Today

       It has been over 210 years since George Washington last visited the Stouch Tavern. The tavern has changed a few tavernkeeper's hands in that time. Today, the tavern is operated by Matt DeSantis. A lot of hard work and dedication keeps the quality of the restaurant in full throttle. The Stouch Tavern continues the tradition of the well known colonial dining atmosphere and gourmet foods. The tavern is Western Berks' finest restaurant, and offers some of the best foods in the county. Stop by and experience some of the American History right here in Womelsdorf, Pa.!

Please note: In order to provide the adequate atmosphere necessary for colonial dining, the restroom continues to be located on the second floor. 

The Stouch Tavern | 138 West High Street | Womelsdorf, PA 19567 | (610) 589-4577