Lunch Menu

Stouch Tavern Crab Soup                   Cup       $5.50
                                                                  Bowl     $7.25

Baked French Onion Soup                  Bowl     $6.00

Soup Du Jour                                           Cup       $3.50
                                                                   Bowl     $4.50

Fresh Green Salad                                                                                             $4.75
(a fresh bed of lettuce served with vegetable garnish)

Chef’s Julienne Salad                                                                                       $9.75
(a fresh bed of lettuce served with julienne strips of ham, turkey and cheese)

*Caesar Salad                                                                                                    $6.25
(prepared table-side; for a minimum of two persons)  per person

*Chicken Caesar Salad                                                                                    $8.50
(Caesar Salad with grilled chicken prepared table-side; minimum of two persons)          
per person

Crab Louis                                                                                                           $12.75
(lump back fin crab meat served on a bed of crisp lettuce with Sauce Louis)

*Tavern Cheeseburger                                                                                     $9.00
(more than ¼ pound hamburger, topped with a generous slice of cheese; served with potato chips)

*Stouch Burger                                                                                                    $9.75
(a tavern burger, topped with mushrooms and blue cheese dressing, served with potato chips)

*The Baron von Steigel                                                                                    $12.25
(thin slices of filet mignon sautéed in country butter, served on a fresh baked roll with lettuce, tomato, and sautéed mushrooms; served with potato chips)

The Tulpehocken                                                                                               $9.50
(an open-faced western corned beef on rye bread, topped with sharp cheese, sliced tomato, French dressing, and broiled to perfection)

The Crumrine                                                                                                      $9.50
(an open-faced turkey sandwich on wheat, topped with sharp cheese, sliced tomato, Russian Dressing, and broiled to perfection)

The Denver Sandwich                                                                                      $8.75
(an open-faced egg sandwich, with sweet peppers, onions and ham, served over toasted wheat bread and topped with melted provolone cheese)

Ham Club or Turkey Club                                                                               $8.75
(a choice of white breast turkey or Virginia Baked Ham with lettuce, tomato, Swiss Cheese and mayonnaise, served with potato chips)

Hot Entrees
*Sliced Tenderloin of Beef Diane                                                                $14.50
(sliced filet mignon in a mushroom sauce, served with a petite salad and Stouch Tavern Garlic Bread)

*Stouch Tavern Skewer                                                                                   $14.50
(a combination of filet mignon, shrimp, sea scallops, tomato, green pepper, and onion broiled to absolute perfection, served with a petite salad and Stouch Tavern Garlic Bread)

*Chicken Crepes                                                                                                $11.75
(two delicate crepes filled with freshly cooked chicken and chopped parsley, served en casserole with a rich cream sauce, served with a petite salad and Stouch Tavern Garlic Bread)

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness
*substitutions may result in an additional charge